Do images transform bodies?

If images act on bodies, if they can repress and normalize them, can they also liberate them?

Through this video-performance we have tried to understand how to escape the mechanism of visual capture of capital and to resist while producing other bodies.

With: Nasim Eslami  

Direction: Nina Negri
Concept and dramaturgy: Nina Negri and Francesca Martinez
Choreography: Nasim Eslami and Nina Negri
Set design and sound: Lucile Haute
Stage and light: Pierre-Yves Dougnac
Video and editing: Lucile Haute and Nina Negri

Production: Cie AlmaVenus, EnsAD - EnsAD - École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris
Co-production: CND - Centre National de Danse, Pantin