To prefer a plurality of experiences and weaknesses to the injunction of a maternal instinct.
It’s a space facing the multiple that opens up, which is fragmented and torn apart through the singularity of the echoes.
Only the audience's eye crosses and juxtaposes them. 

With: Anna-Marija Adomaityté, Laura Den Hondt, Simon Crettol, Melissa Guex, Mathilde Invernon, Guillaume Miramond 

Concept, direction and dramaturgy: Nina Negri
Artistic collaboration: Agathe Hazard Raboud
Choreography: Zuzana Kakalikova
Sound creation: Timothée Zurbuchen
Lighting design: Céline Ribeiro
Plastic creation: Natasza Gerlach
Set design: Lucie Meyer et Adrien Moretti
Costumes: Camille Masserey
Voice coach: François Renou
Stage manager: Justine Bouillet
Administration: Mariana Nunes

Production: Cie AlmaVenus
Co-production: Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, La Manufacture - Lausanne
With the support of: Loterie Romande, SSA Société des Auteurs Suisses 
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