Which traces do the companion species leave in us?
And how do we re-invoke them?

Their disappearance reminds us that "love involves commitments that can make a difference in the way we dwell in this world with other beings," as Donna Haraway writes in The Companion Species Manifesto.

With: Ruth Childs, Melina Martin, David-Christelle Sanvee 
And the voice of: Adrien Rupp  

Conception, direction and video creation: Nina Negri
Dramaturgy: Frédéric Guignard, Nina Negri, Mylène Tanferri Machado
Video materials: Martin Albouy, Wes Anderson, Kornel Mundruczo, Herzog...
Textual materials: Martin Albouy, Capucine Berthon, Sandrine Girard, Frédéric Guignard, Donna Haraway, Camille Khoury, Caroline Le Jeune, Nina Negri, Mylène Tanferri Machado
Cartography: Lucie Meyer
Costumes: Machteld Vis
Lights: Etienne Gaches

As part of the: Théâtre des Futurs Possibles 2021 - Cycle of seminars "Investigating with other beings" in dialogue with Vinciane Despret and Claire De Ribaupierre
Production: Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne
With the support of: UNIL - University of Lausanne.